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  • Baltic Endurance @auto24ring on 10th of August

Baltic Endurance @auto24ring on 10th of August

2019-07-05, Adomas

This will be second motorcycle endurance race this year at the best track in the Baltic States.

Participants of the endurance race will have to register to the track day at CR Moto web: www.crmoto.eu. Track day fee covers also the Endurance race.

There will be 2 classifications:
Sport - participants wilt the national federation (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia motorsport federations) and international licences. If one team's participant have licence, this team will be classified to the Sport class.
Hobby - participants who do not have any licences.

Each team may have its name and each team should consist of two members.

There is no restriction for motorcycles capacity in the team (all kind of bikes from 600 cc up to 1300 cc may be used in one team).

The team will get one transponder which should be changanged during the pit stop.

Pit stops will be allowed to make in the specific place where the organizer appoints. Filling the fuel will be allowed only in the places where it is marked by organizer.

Normal endurance start procedure will be used.

Qualification: the best time of one team memeber from the first 3 sessions of the Track Day.

The schedule of the event.