Starting fees for upcoming events

All entry fees have to be paid to sports club “Coffee Racers” account:  

Bank Account: LT097044060007424316, AB SEB Bank, SWIFT (for payments in Euro) CBVILT2X

Recipient: Sport club "Coffee Racers"

Legal status: Association

Address: Svitrigailos str. 11c-208, Vilnius, Lithuania

Company ID: 302485021

Phone: +370 620 73913 or +370 600 48888 



18 of May, auto24ring, Pärnu, Estonia. TRACK DAY
  Payment before 10 05 2019 Payment after 10 05 2019
All participants 80 eur 100 eur
IMPORTANT: Track Day is a separate event and its starting fee doesn't cover championship event. In order to participate in the championship you need to make separate registration and payment.


18-19 of May, auto24ring, Pärnu, Estonia. EE, LV and LT national championships and Baltic Road Racing Championship
Class Payment before 10 05 2019 Payment after 10 05 2019
Superbike 95 eur 125 eur
Supersport 95 eur 125 eur
Supersport 300 60 eur 90 eur
B1000 (Rookie 1000) 95 eur 125 eur
B600 (Rookie 600) 95 eur 125 eur
C class (Pretendent) 95 eur 125 eur
Street class 60 eur 90 eur
Sidecars 95 eur 125 eur
Honda 100 NSF 30 eur 60 eur
IMPORTANT: these starting fees cover only official practice, qualification, and races. They do not cover Track Day. Track Day has a separate registration and starting fee.



8 June, Bikernieki, Riga, Latvia. LV championship
Class Payment before Payment after
Superbike TBA TBA
Supersport TBA TBA
Supersport 300 TBA TBA
B1000 (Rookie 1000) TBA TBA
B600 (Rookie 600) TBA TBA
C class (Pretendent) TBA TBA
Street class TBA TBA
Sidecars TBA TBA
Honda 100 NSF TBA TBA