6 of June, 2020. Nemun ring. Track Day

Nemun ring, Lithuania. Track Day

Track Day for amateur and sport riders - perfect opportunity to train before the competitions the next day.

All riders will be divided into 3 or 4 groups based on their riding skills and experience. Each group will have 5-6 sessions per day. Each session lasts 20 minutes.  During the lunch break regrouping will be made. Regrouping puts riders of the similar level into the same group which improves riding experience for all event participants.

Important notes:

1. Nemun ring track has no boxes at the moment so you might consider bringing your own tent.

2. The electricity will be available during the event however the number of connections is limited therefore we suggest you bring an electric extension cable with you.

3. Tire service will be available during the day.

4. Foodservice - will be available if government's regulations allow it.



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June 6
08:00 – 19:00