Training weekend at NemunRing 2015

We kindly invite you to participate in our Training weekend at NemunRing. There will be no race during the weekend, just 2 days of training at the track. There will be 3 groups and just 70 participnts and the price will be really attractive. Firs 60 persons who register and pay in advance will receive lap timers.

As for the price of Training weekend, it is 40 EUR/day for the persons who have registered and pay in advance. 

Whereas, the sum of 75 EUR LTL will be charged from those who are not registered. Besides, those persons will be able to take part in the training provided the number of registered persons does not exceed the set maximum limit.

One Track day takes six or seven hours successively. The lunch break will be between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. Please arrive to the place one hour prior to the beginning of the Track day.

Considering the number of participants three groups are formed. Maximum 30 motorcycles are allowed to run at one time. Furthermore, motorcycles of good technical status and drivers wearing one or two-part leather or textile clothing, helmet, leather gloves and special boots only will be allowed to participate in the training. The sports club “Coffee Racers” also recommends wearing spine/back protection during the trainings at the Nemunas Track.

During all event laptiming will be used. Also, the first aid car will be on duty, and fire extinguishers will be available.


* participation in the Track day can be payed or/and cancelled within at least two days prior to the event, by making note in the “Registration to events” section in our website.

Past events

August 15
10:00 – 19:00
€75.00 €42.00
valid till 2015-08-14
August 16
10:00 – 19:00
€78.00 €42.00
valid till 2015-08-14

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